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Mathias Kessler

Artifacts & Other Errors of Perception

January 26 – May 29, 2017

Austrian artist Mathias Kessler unearths the power of image and artifact to preserve truth and define history through re-imagined fossils and scenic impressions excavated from art history, scientific inquiry, and travel. Mapping out intersections of Boulder’s natural and cultural ecosystems, Kessler invites us to explore and participate in a site-specific reflection of our local landscapes.

Cultural Cul-de-sac is a dedicated space in the gallery for local chefs, filmmakers, trivia hosts, poets, scientists, performers, musicians, makers and creative entrepreneurs of all kinds to present and perform Artifacts & Other Errors of Perception. Every Thursday the Cultural Cul-de-sac is a stage for the many different perceptions and expression that make up our cultural landscape. An OPEN CALL for proposals from those who inhabit and maintain the unique balance of our local cultural and natural ecosystems. All individual voices are encouraged to participate in this site-specific reflection of our community.

Mathias Kessler: Artifacts & Other Errors of Perception is an exhibition curated by Mardee Goff at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado. 

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